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Eyezen+ Smart Blue Filter

Reduce your risk of digital eyestrain with Eyezen+ Smart Blue Filter. Eyezen+ lenses will protect your eyes from harmful blue light exposure emitted from computers, tablets or cell phones. Great for those who spend hours viewing these devices.

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  • New and exciting advances in lens technology are revolutionizing the eyewear business.
  • Ask about Varilux Comfort 360. Advanced optics through digital innovation. A patented progressive lens design using digital surfacing technology offering increased clarity, less peripheral distortion and a wider field of vision, both far and near. A unique lens design custom tailored to your prescription.
  • Thinner, lighter Hi index lens materials available for greater comfort and improved aesthetics. Offering 50% or more reduction in lens thickness.
  • Crizal non glare coatings available on all prescriptions. Eliminate reflected glare for improved night vision. New hydrophobic coatings allow for less maintenance and easier cleaning than ever before.
  • New advances in cataract implant surgery and Lasik surgery are happening as well. Ask about the new cristalens, reZoom and reSTOR intraocular lens implants. The staff at Optik works with prominent eye surgeons highly skilled in all phases of corrective eye surgery.
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